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 The dog's scrap

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PostSubject: The dog's scrap   The dog's scrap Icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 12:44 am

Darkness. That's all I saw. All I could think of. I wasn't usually depressed like this. It was a dream. A dream about my past. A past that should've been left forgotten.
The cold, hard pavement of the alley seemed inviting today. My eyes seemed as cold as the walls that I thought were closing around me.
I hugged myself in a fetal like position. I seemed distant, the sound of rats and strays loud as engines to my ears. My eyes didn't blink, they were busy in thought.
I remembered the awfulness of the dream. I remembered how in the dream something happened that never happened before.
There was a huge blast of light and thousands of men, all S-Ranked nin teaming up with elite jounin were fighting it.
The light though blasted with enough force to cause earthquakes.
The men stood no chance.
It felt triumphant, I felt triumphant.
It was weird, like I was sharing the thing's feelings and thoughts. Like I was inside it's very soul. LIke it was me seeing me.
That's when something came, something that made me and the light taken aback.
Another light and a darkness came towards it and consumed it.
Lights flashed different colors. There was noise of tidal waves and fire storms.
Then silence.
A beam of soft white light drifted from the dark clouds above and shone on millions of dead men. Then it happened.
A person was falling from the sky. There was the sound of a child's sleeping whisper.
Then I woke up.
End of Flashback.
I huddle, tears in eyes. What was all this about? Why couldn't I solve anything? I didn't know. But somehow that person looked familiar.
As if it was me looking at me.
I hugged and cried silently. My back against the dark alley's wall I found it comforting. Although cold. And the same words kept hitting me.
As if it was me looking at me....
I opened my mouth.
I sadly started to

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The dog's scrap
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